Dearly Departed: Tribute to Our Favorite Discontinued Flavors

We’ve made a lot of great flavors over the years, but, for better or worse, some of them have moved on to cosmos beyond. Tears of sadness are shed for our dearly departed flavors, and we receive thousands of requests each year from our fans begging us to re-release their favorite discontinued flavor. Here are the most mourned of the bunch…and who knows? One of them may rise from the graveyard once again a-la George Romero style!

Pepperoni Pizza

Flaky crust with melty cheese and spicy pepperoni smzxwzh.




There is no food on this planet that says “home” quite like a fresh, golden, fluffy waffle does. You will be transported back “home” with the sweet taste of syrup, savory hints of butter, and, of course, the bakery taste of Belgian Waffles.


Beaver Juice

Fun Fact: Castoreum (an additive in artificial vanilla flavoring) comes from a Beaver’s butt.


*Please note: Castoreum was not used in the making of Beaver Juice.

Banana Cherry Jubilee

The taste of two great flambe desserts without the fire risk to your eyebrows. 


Irish Kiss

The smooth taste of Baileys lovingly blended with the rich roasted flavor of coffee. A great vape for every day. This was, and still is, Twitch’s leprechaun lucky charm. He actually will mix a small batch for himself, and won’t share it no matter how many times we chase him to the end of rainbow.




What flavor would you like to see S.S. Vape bring back? Still coping with the loss, visit 5 Stages of Flavor Grief: What to do When Your Favorite E-Liquid is Discontinued to see what stage of the grieving process you are at and how to get passed it.

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