Autumn Flavors We Are Falling For 2016

Leaves changing, kids are back in school, sweater-weather…fall – or Pumpkin Spice season as we all like to call it – is here, and that means that pumpkin and spice flavored e-liquid flavors are right around the corner. So carve out some space on your juice shelf, and prepare yourself!


Here are 10 flavors that will make you appreciate this special season all the more cialis online without prescription.


Frosty Peach
Summer has gone and the frosty nip in the air. Frosty Peach from Flashback lets you take some of that summer sweetness with you with the a hint of that autumn chill.



Spoonful O’Jacks
Inspired by the cereal you told your dad was healthy because it had ‘Apple’ in the name. Cinnamon toast-y, apple taste-y goodness.



Smooth creamy peanut butter with banana cream and balanced with velvety caramel. Buttery and smooth with a medium bodied throat hit.



Barista Breve
No grinders, measuring spoons or coffee makers required! Speed up your morning routine with this caffeinated eliquid that gets its flavor from organic coffee and vanilla beans.



Cinnamon Crush
Organic cinnamon sticks, hints of vanilla, and gingerbread come together to deliver a full bodied throat hit and massive cinnamon taste that we believe is second to none.



Sometimes the stars align and a brilliant juice is born. Crisp green apple and tangy pear goodness collide in a sweet vape that pops!



Dark Temptation
The only chocolate one can vape and enjoy! It is truly like a cup of hot cocoa.



Caramel Macchiato
Create an original coffeehouse indulgence with bold caramel flavor and notes of sweet cream. It’s just what you need to vape a moment of sweet inspiration.



Spiced Doughnut
A pumpkin-spiced vanilla doughnut with hints of almond and cinnamon spice – a perfect way to enjoy the holiday season with friends and family.



Holiday Spiced Pumpkin Cake
A spiced up pumpkin cake is the perfect treat for holidays. Baked Vapes hits it spot on!


What do you think? Let us know in the comments below!


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