Glas Basix Are Amazing!!

I absolutely love love trying new vape flavors. It keeps vaping interesting and keeps me from smoking again. In all my years of vaping I find it hard to find an entire line of juice I enjoy. Normally they have two good flavors and the rest end up in a trash can. I have finally found a line where my trash can stay empty and my tank can stay full!


Glas Basix has truly come out with a great line. The best part is they have a flavor for everyone. There is a flavor for the tobacco vapor, the menthol vapor and even the fruity vapor. Or maybe you are all of the above depending on your mood.


I tested all of these flavors using my HorizonTech Falcon tank with the .15 ohm M1 mesh coils. This tank was used on my GeekVape Blade running at 65watts. Please don’t make fun of my sissy wattage, it’s all I can do! Lets talk about the flavors now!


Fizzy Lemonade

If you are a fan of lemonade flavors this one is for you. I must warn you though there is a slight hint of menthol. I was weary of it because normally menthol flavors are harsh and I can’t vape them. The menthol is so light though it taste more like a tall glass of ice cold lemonade, with a carbonated twist! Reminds me of sitting out by the pool on a hot summer day sipping a Mike’s Hard Lemonade pretending I am on vacation. We have all don’t it so don’t judge me.

Caribbean Punch

Okay so do me a favor! Get on your phone and start some tropical bird noises. Sit back, close your eyes and picture your on a beach holding a fancy fruity drink with a cute little umbrella in it. Just laying there on a beach chair, wind in our hair, staring out into the sky blue waters being waited on by a hot islander. Can you picture it?! That is the feeling you get when vaping this perfect blend of peach, fresh pineapple, sweet strawberry, juicy apples and a hint of apricots. Now come back to reality, sorry!

Sugar Cookie

So we all love cookies. When we were kids we got cookies when we were good and to comfort us. As adults we hide from our own kids and eat cookies so we don’t have to share with them. But we we feel guilty about eating them, not because we didn’t share, but because of the calories. Now we can enjoy that amazing cookie taste without counting calories and watching our waistline! Yes happiness like that does exist! Sugar Cookie by Glas has that amazing warm buttery cookie taste with brown sugar and a slight cinnamon finish. I could vape this all day everyday!

Blueberry Cake

The second that I smelled this vape I felt like I was in my grandmother’s kitchen again on a Sunday morning. The amazing smell of fresh blueberries with a slight smell of sugary cake. I was so lost in the smell I almost forgot to try it before I moved on to the next flavor! The taste had me just as lost as the smell did. On the inhale I could taste more of the vanilla buttercream cake. One the exhale I could taste the fresh blueberries mixed in the smooth creamy batter. This vape mixed with a hot cup of coffee is the perfect way to start the day!

Butterscotch Reserve

Now I am not a tobacco fan normally at all. I hate the taste and the smell. This flavor though takes a traditional tobacco taste to a whole new level. They added an outstanding butterscotch flavor mixed with creamy caramel with a hint of tobacco. The flavors mixed together make a very elegant all day vape for anyone who loves tobacco flavors! Not to mention it leaves the air smelling like toasty waffles!


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