In Honor of National 7-11 Day!!

We ALL love slurpees! We may not love every flavor but we love them non the less. They are perfect on a hot summer day or when you feel the need to have a sugar high from hell. On this very day it happens to be 7-11 Day, which for America means FREE slurpees! Yes I said you get a slurpee for free so stop reading this and go get one, hurry! But come back and ready it while you’re enjoying your frozen treat! In honor or this amazing day that only comes once a year, I have decided to create a list for you. I took all of the popular 7-11 Slurpee flavors and picked the e-liquid flavor that matches! I know, you can thank me later. Don’t drink too fast though or you will have a brain freeze before you finish the list!


Maxx Slushy


First on the list is of course Maxx Slushy!! The most famous slurpee flavor of all is the blue one! Half of the people in this world don’t even know what it is actually supposed to taste like but they know that it is blue. I bet if you ask someone if they have tried a blue raspberry Slurpee they would say umm I have no idea. But if you ask the same person if they have had a blue Slurpee from 7-11 they would be like of course I have and it’s amazing! Maxx Slushy has nailed this flavor! It is an absolute perfect blue raspberry flavor. If you want more of that ice cold Slurpee taste, try the Maxx Ice Slushy version as well!!


Maxx Coolada 


The Pina Colada Slurpee flavor from 7-11 is one of my absolute favorite! Adult 21+ tip.. add some Malibu to it for an extra yummy Slurpee you don’t have to share with the little ones!! It’s a win win! Nothing taste better on a hot summer day than a cold tropical flavor. Maxx again nailed the Colada flavor in their Maxx Coolada vape. It is the absolute perfect blend of pineapple and coconut.  Once again they also gave us this amazing flavor in their Ice line that has a touch of menthol to it. Just look for the Maxx Ice Coolada.


Morning Dew by Flashback


Mountain Dew is a classic American flavor. The twist of lemon and lime makes for an amazingly refreshing taste! Although Mountain Dew has like 20 flavors now, the original will always be a favorite. If you love Mountain Dew as much as we do you need to try Morning Dew by Flashback. You will won’t be disappointed! Do the Dew!


Solar Harvest by King of The Cloud


Right behind the famous blue Slurpee, comes the red one! We have all had a red Slurpee a time or two in our life. The amazing cherry candy flavor in Solar Harvest is about as close as you can get to the Wild Cherry Slurpee. Now you can enjoy the flavor without walking around with red teeth and lips!

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