7 Things to Know About Registering to Vote

Voting is important because in 35 US states, you will only be able to cast your vote on Election Day if you register before a certain date. Those other 15? Those are the totally awesome states that let voters register on Election Day. (And even if you live in one of those states, save yourself some time by getting it out of the way beforehand.)


Voting can be a confusing process. But the payoff is huge. Not voting is like walking into a S.S. Vape store and letting us give you any ol’ flavor at a nicotine level that you don’t use. Dangerous. But when you vote, that’s you speaking up for your Tiger’s Blood or Jamaican Me Crazy , and for your country.


Let us answer a few questions for you:

I’m Not Sure If I’m Registered or Not. How Can I Find Out?

Most states have an online voter database where you can look up your registration status. Find your state on this list and see if it’s available where you live. If it’s not, you can contact your city’s municipal offices to check your registration status.

Can I Just Re-Register Instead?

Yep, there’s nothing wrong with just re-registering if you aren’t sure of your registration status. It will simply override your past registration with whatever new information you provide.

I Am Not Registered to Vote. How Do I Do It?

You’re in luck! Registering is as easy as pie. You can even do it right here.

I’ve Moved Since I Last Registered. Do I Need to Register Again?

Yes. If you have changed your address since you last registered, you will have to re-register to make sure you are on the registration rolls at your new polling place. Even if you have moved within the same voting district, it’s important that they have your most up-to-date information.

I’ve Changed My Name Since I Last Registered. Do I Need To Register Again?

Yes, you will need to re-register with your new name. Use the same process you would use to register for the first time.

If I Registered Before The Last Election, Am I Still Registered?

Yes! If you haven’t changed your name or address since you last registered, you are still registered to vote and don’t need to do anything.u.)

When Do I Need to Register By?

This varies by state, and can be anywhere from early October right up until Election Day. Find your state here and see what your registration deadline is.

And don’t forget to mark your calendars for November 8th and cast your vote!


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