The OBS Cube Mod is the Perfect pocket size device

So I have been searching for a great small device to carry around this summer. I have struggled on this simple little task. I tried different pod systems but realized I vape way too much and kill the battery way too fast. I wanted something I can take out on the boat to fish or on a hike miles out into the woods without carrying extra batteries. I also didn’t want something to die half way through reeling in the biggest catch of the day!


Lucky for me I came across the perfect little device for my adventures! The OBS Cube mod!! It is also perfect for my everyday vape not just my going out vape. I don’t have to carry extra batteries with me! It doesn’t die in just a few hours! And it has plenty of power for my vape needs.



How Big is the Cube

So this amazingly perfect sized device is 81.5mm by 30.6 mm by 30.6 mm. Which for people like me who has no clue what that means it is 3.2 inches by 1.2 inches by 1.2 inches. This size makes it perfect to fir in your pocket without being all bulky and pulling your pants down. Also fits perfect in the slots in your tackle box!



What powers the Cube

Inside of this tiny little body there is a powerful 3000mAH built in battery! Built in means no extra batteries and you can easily plug it in wherever you are! Just please do not use the fast chargers for your phone on any vape. They are designed for that much power. The Cube also comes with a handy feature to stop charging when it is complete. Even if it’s left on the charger it will not overcharge your battery!



Amazing power in a tiny Cube

Amazingly this tiny little Cube outputs 80 watts of power! This allows you to use traditional tanks as well as sub ohm tanks too. What more could you ask for?! It can go as low as 5w all or push the limits at 80w. It you prefer volts however you can range anywhere from 3.2v to 4.2v. To adjust between the setting there are two simple to use adjust buttons. So much better than some devices that only have one button to do everything with. Best part about the power in this tiny little device is that it has a .001 second fire time. This means no waiting for the coil to heat up to get your vape. Click the button and it is ready to go!



Fancy Color Options

So I know what you’re thinking! How could this device sound any more perfect than it already does?! Well… you have a ton of color options to choose from. So you can get the perfect mod AND get it in the perfect color for you. You can be a little basic and go with the normal Chrome/Silver color. If you’re looking for a but tougher look the Matt Black or gunmetal is the way to go! Or if you wanna take a walk on the wild side there is the fancy rainbow color that is sure to stand out. However with summer coming up and patriotic colors being huge this time of the year, you can always pick up the blue or red colors! Everyone needs a blue or red device at your summer cookouts! Your options are endless!




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