The Vapor Storm 90w

I am always on the look out for a new smaller device that can handle a great sub-ohm tank. As much as I love the larger mods they just aren’t practical to carry around in my day to day life. Someone told me about the Vapor Storm 90w, so of course I had to try it! I am certainly not disappointed that I did either! It seems a lot of smaller devices these days sacrifice the external battery option to save room in their design. I am really not a huge fan of an internal battery though. Why have to sit around and wait to charge my battery when I could just pop a fresh one in and go? That never made a lot of sense to me, although I am just a very impatient person so who knows.

What I used to try it out


So I grabbed myself a teal blue Vapor Storm 90w to try, had to look cute while I vape you know. I paired it with my absolute favorite HorizonTech Falcon tank and ran the M1 .15 ohm coil. Because it’s summer I started off with the 100ML Juice Co. Pink Lemonade flavor in a 3mg. I am not a high wattage vapor by any means so I started off low. But I found that running the Vapor Storm at about 65 watts was absolutely perfect! The battery life was amazing and I was able to vape it all day without running to my charger for help. I am pretty sure this is the perfect combo for this summer! It is small enough to fit in my hand without feeling like I am carrying a brick, yet big enough I don’t lose it like I do my pods.

Color Options


We all love to have options. Nobody wants to be told oh hey here is this amazing thing product but it is also ugly and boring. People love to get things that show their personality! The Vapor Storm 90w comes in 5 amazing colors to choose from. You can get the cute teal blue to say hey, I am girly but I still love to vape. The all classic black to match any tank you could ever get. Punk, yes punk not pink, if you’re feeling fancy. Then there is the vape on black and vape on white if you like the graffiti look!

Lots of Power Packed Into A Small Device


The name Vapor Storm 90w kind of tells you a lot of what you would wanna know about it. The max output is 90w! But there is plenty that it doesn’t tell you. The voltage range for this mod is 3.3v to 4.2v and the output voltage is 0 to 4.2v. It can handle a coil resistance as low as 0.09 ohms which is super impressive for a tiny little mod. There is a continuous smoke time of 10 seconds. This also doubles as a safety feature so that if you accidentally hit the fire button while it’s in your pocket, it will automatically shut off for you after the 10 seconds.  You do have to get a single 18650 for this device however, but this just means you can always keep an extra charged one handy to avoid having to wait! But there is a usb charge port in case of an emergency.

Exactly How Small Is The Vapor Storm 90w


This little guy only weighs 46 grams! That is super light weight for a 90w device. It stands at only 82mm high which is a little less than 3.5 inches. The width is 25mm, which is only .9 inches. And the length is 40mm or 1.5 inches! All together this is a super compact little mod with some amazing power!

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