Tired of having to change atomizers?

For who has been vaping for a few years you may remember we used to have tanks that were disposable. They weren’t very good however. You didn’t get much flavor or vape production because they were 1.8 ohm coils inside. At the time though they did the job. The best thing about them though was the lack of mess. All you had to do was add juice a few times and throw it out after a few weeks. No nasty juice hands or gross coils. They were super convenient.


As the vape industry grew technology grew. That’s when the sub-ohm tanks were introduced and the world went crazy! You could taste flavors all of a sudden. If it was apple pie with graham cracker crust, that is what you got. Less nicotine was needed to achieve the same feeling you got with a much higher level in the old style tanks. All of a sudden we forgot disposable tanks existed.


However with this amazing new technology there came issues. My absolute least favorite issue with the new tanks is juice hands. We have all been there. You open to fill it and get juice from the lid leak on you. When you take the atomizer out there is juice all over the place. You always have a chance the atomizer wasn’t tightened which causes the juice to flow out of the air holes. So many issues can happen but we love the flavor we get and the vape production so we have learned to deal with it. Most of us even have fancy little tricks to try and get around it. Who honestly has time for all of that though.


Now there is a solution to have the best of both worlds. Teslacigs has made the disposable mesh sub-ohm tank!! You can have the amazing flavor from a sub-ohm tank without the mess of changing a coil. Each tank has a .2 ohm mesh coil in it. The tank is all one piece. No bottoms coming apart or drip tips falling off. The mesh coil offers an even burn so you can enjoy the taste longer without getting that burnt flavor.




The tanks come in nice 3 packs. This makes stocking up much easier and cheaper.  Each tank in the pack holds 3ml’s of e-liquid. They are 23.5mm by 40mm which makes them a great size for any device. Filling the tank is also super handy and easy. Just unplug the tab on top, fill it up and go. Can’t get much easier than that! After you fill it up the first time you wanna let it sit for about 10 minutes. This ensures that the cotton is nice and saturated to avoid a burnt hit. Nobody wants that! Then just vape and enjoy!



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