Perfect Music Pairings for Your Favorite Vape

Plug your favorite vape into a speaker and what comes out? Ground shaking beats. Genre-defying harmonies. Concussive symbols my sources. Shredding guitars. Angelic harp strumming. And, pretty likely, something that’ll inspire you to bust a move. S.S. Vape has the perfect music pairings for your favorite vape flavors.


Shut the F*** Up by Full Throttle S’loonshine

Shut the F*** Up plays taste buds like a power ballad ignited by heady whiskey flavor. That’s why it’s a flavor that goes great with ’80s hair-band tracks—complete with high-tops, leggings, and one ripping guitar solo. Puh-POW!


Morning Dew by Flashback

Just like the band who inspired a grateful, faithful following, this citrus vape pairs awesomely with a psychedelic otherworldly-jam of country, folk, bluegrass, blues, reggae, rock and jazz.

Eight Bells by Teleos

“Kumbaya” may be the backwoods camp classic, but don’t be afraid to kick it contemporary with Eight Bells. As long as it’s acoustic, enthusiastic and ever so slightly off-key, it’s a perfect—no fires required—match.


Grandmaster by Five Pawns

Flamboyant. Theatrical. And scored with flavors that put you in a Mozart mindset, Grandmaster is like an opera seria stuffed into a bottle. So cue the orchestra and let’s applaud this treasured tenor.


Caramel Macchiato by Flashback

With a raucous mix of mocha and caramel, Caramel Macchiato,  is all about smooth, cool eclecticism. Kinda like the eccentric rhythms and smokin’ licks that run through jazz music. Jazz draws from human experience. Caramel Macchiato is here to enrich it.


Tiger’s Blood by Flashback

Tiger’s Blood is like a hip-hop chart-topper. Just chilling, between two pillars of watermelon and strawberry. And featuring coconut —which make it a fight the power! kind of flavor.


Jamaican Me Crazy by Flashback

Yeah, mahn! With Jamaican Me Crazy the familiar bass guitar and rhythmic drumming flows out of the bottle. Just turn on your favorite Bob Marley song and experience the good-good vibes.

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