Hell NO, we won’t go!

We have had quite a few questions come in about the new FDA regulations. We wanted to take a moment to let you guys know that WE ARE GOOD. We have made some small changes but everything you love about S.S. Vape is still here. Samples, your favorite flavors, the Lifetime Warranty…it is ALL STILL HERE.


Are we still selling e-liquid?



Last April we starting the process of switching all of our liquid manufacturing over to a facility in Baltimore, MD. This facility is REGISTERED WITH THE FDA, ATF, AND HOMELAND SECURITY. We are the first and only e-liquid company to use a facility of this scale. We feel this move was the best option to protect our product, and more importantly our customers while moving forward with all of the changes and regulations we are seeing in our industry. With all liquid manufacturers needing to register with the FDA, we are several  steps ahead of the curve because of this facility. Our next step is to finish the registration process for each and every one of our liquids.


Thanks to S.S. Vape’s strict quality and safety standards, many of the brands we offer are already child resistant compliant and we have been and continue to put other compliance changes into effect long before the FDA implementation date.


So what has changed?

Really, we haven’t had to change much at S.S. Vape due to our own self-imposed, strict quality and safety standards since the vape industry was self-regulating for some time before the FDA decision came in.


The few things that will be different are:

– There will be no more free samples per FDA regulations. No free samples also means no more e-liquid, tanks, or devices will be given away or a part of a free prize.

– The sample bar will now cost $1 for one day of use and all samples will be at zero nicotine. This will allow us to be compliant with the FDA regulations and still provide a sample bar.

– There will be extra signage around our stores regarding the FDA regulations.

– Everyone under 27 years of age will be carded, so don’t forget your I.D.!

3 responses to “Hell NO, we won’t go!”

  1. John King says:

    I Think you doing a great job

  2. Ribin says:

    Government has to control everything. They are supposed to riel fur the people not run the people. Don’t know how this government got so far away from what it was intended for but I doubt there’s no going back. It should be. No one stands up fur rights snymore. WhsT sre we going to do? Thanks for the info. You guy are awesome!!

  3. William says:

    It is just like everything else! The Government (FDA) Wants full control over what we do as tax payers! Speaking of tax, as far as I am concerned, this is just another way for the Government to slap a high tax on E-Liquids so they can get their unfair share of our money claiming it is for the health of the U.S. Citizens! This is total BS!!!

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