Why Vaping Helps More People Than Other Stop Smoking Aids

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do. It takes self control and will power that we don’t even know that we have. As a smoker we thing oh sure we can quit anytime we want. We make excuses and say we only do it because we enjoy it not because we have to. When we say this to ourselves we are justifying our addiction so we don’t feel bad when we go buy another pack. This is also one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves.


Why breaking the habit is so hard


Not only have our bodies become addicted to the nicotine in cigarettes we are addicted to the physical habit of smoking. It becomes part of our life just like eating and drinking. Really though, think about it! You wake up and the first thing on your mind is going out to smoke. You grab your morning coffee, light up and take that first puff to start you day. After you eat, you light up. On your way to work, on your way home, you light up. Before bedtime, gotta sneak in that last cigarette.


When we can’t have one we don’t know what to do. Not only are having a nic fit, we get fidgety. Anything you can find to put in your hands to play with gets picked up. You end up chewing a straw just to have something in your mouth or sit there and tap a pen on your desk without even realizing it. We do these things because of the habit of having a cigarette in our hands and putting it to our mouth.  This fixation is almost harder to deal with than the nic fit. Hoodie strings aren’t safe from our chewing. Pen caps, straws, anything we can chew ends up with teeth marks.


When we try quit using traditional methods whether it be cold turkey, patches, gum or even medicine, we struggle. The biggest reason we struggle is because all of these methods only help with the nicotine addiction, not the physical addiction.


Why vaping helps


Using a vape, electronic cigarette, to help you quit smoking it takes care of the entire addiction. Not just the nicotine part. We are getting our nicotine from a much much safer form that a traditional cigarette. Vape juice doesn’t have all of the nasty chemicals you inhale when puffing away a cigarette. The best part is you can also wean yourself off of the nicotine as you feel comfortable. Eventually getting down to no nicotine at all until you can break the physical part of the habit!


Not only are you getting the nicotine your body is craving, you are also taking care of the physical part. You are holding the vape pen in your hand. You can put it to your mouth and still inhale like you have grown a custom to. From the hundreds of people I have talked to over the years this seems to be the hardest part of quitting. Now, thanks to a vape pen, you can help yourself live your best life and finally kick the habit! What more could you ask for?!

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