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S.S. Vape has been proud to be a sponsor of many major events, organizations and projects across the country. Through the S.S. Vape Artist Endorsement program we are empowering established and up-and-coming artists too join us in promoting vaping as not only an alternative to cigarettes but also in joining us in turning the counter-culture to smoking into a movement.

We welcome artist from all corners of the the music world, just as we accept smokers from all walks of life. Feel free to use our directory below to find your new favorite artist. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that will enjoy the availability of S.S. Vape products at the shows and events that these artists attend.


Chris Ferrara |



Some people are born to do what they do. Chris Ferrara is no exception. His debut EP “Something To Prove” is a perfect blend of all of his most significant influences, effortlessly combining elements of Rock, Country, Soul, and Pop. But don't let his boyish charm fool you. Chris, also known as ‘Oz,’ is an old soul ready to breathe new life into your playlist. His personality and contagious style of music are garnering fans all over the globe, across all genres. Armed with passion and a guitar, Oz tours regularly with his supporting band, "The Common Good,” and the name is a direct reflection of his mission. "I want my music and my shows to make people happy. I just want to do good things with my music. I want to change the world for the common good.".


Johnny "Joey" Jones|



Johnny “Joey” Jones is an 8-year Marine Corps EOD (Bomb Tech) veteran of both Afghanistan and Iraq. He lost both legs while disarming a bomb in 2010, but he's done anything but slow down. Although his pedigree is largely veteran advocacy and policy, he has been a power player in Nashville and Hollywood. As a public speaker, he has address the elite of Washington DC, NASCAR, Nashville, Las Vegas, New York, and Hollywood. Today, Joey can be found on Fox News as analyst on military and veteran affairs, as well as writing songs with artists like Zac Brown, Anna Nalick, or the super band Elvis Monroe He also speaks by invitation at select groups and conferences around the country, all while working on his upcoming memoir detailing life as a bomb tech in Afghanistan and the inspiring experience of recovery and triumph. From the White House, to LA improv, to the beaches of Jamaica… Joey has inspired minds, entertained audiences, and stolen hearts with his intellect, charm and natural talent. 

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