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Meet the Guys Behind the Peace Sign

Our mad scientist with a long standing reputation in the industry. After losing his father, a lifelong smoker, in 2010; he dedicated himself to helping others quit the analogs cigarettes. Twitch is not only our walking, talking vape encyclopedia, but he brings high octane enthusiasm to everything that S.S. Vape does.

Our resident Dead Head and the man with the plan. George came to S.S. Vape, in 2011, with a vision of creating a counterculture that questions and rejects traditional tobacco consumption. He wanted to create a company that provided high quality, dependable and a brand that stood behind their products. Being a 2 pack a day smoker for over 30 years, he started vaping in 2010 and never looked back. Since he started vaping he no longer has the upper respiratory issues that he had for many years. Now he does everything he can to help others break their smoking habit.


Peace of Mind, Victory Over Smoking

Peace of mind, victory over smoking. More than just a hashtag, its six words, ten syllables, and one idea that drives everything we do at S.S. Vape.

Peace of Mind: We understand that getting into vaping is a huge change and requires an upfront investment. We also understand that life happens; that’s why we have offered our Lifetime Warranty since day one. If your Victory device stops vaping or charging, or your Victory tank cracks, for any reason, we will replace it. No matter what your hobbies or lifestyle is like, we’ve got your back and give you peace of mind knowing you don’t have to be without your vape.

Victory Over Smoking: Chances are, you are currently a smoker. We know, first hand, the struggle involved with trying to quit. Quitting can be extremely hard for some, and feel impossible for others. We are here to help you achieve that Victory, we offer support with hand-selected products, quality e-liquids, and customer service second to none.